A Week of Kimono In High Fashion

NYFW Hiromi Asai F/W 2016 Show & Japan Society Lecture with Kouichi Fujii

Last summer I was made aware of a very special Kickstarter campagin entitled: Save Artisans – Bring Real Kimono to New York Fashion Week. Having been interested in kimono and the kimono industry, and having spoken to several people regarding the future of kimono while living in Japan, I was immediately drawn to this project. Being an art history major in college, I realized that while we are quick to lament the loss of a particular artistic talent, technique, or work, we are not very likely to make use of the conservation or perpetuation opportunities available to us. Looking at the Kickstarter and my finances, it quickly became apparent that if I had the means to give, and claimed to care about this industry and these amazing works of textile art, it would be a great loss for me to not support this project. Continue reading


A New Year, A New Direction

Hello my dear readers,

久しぶり! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m sad to say that I had many journal pages of notes for future blog posts I had been planning, but as it often does, life got in the way and threw more than a few wrenches. Soon enough RuffleCon was looming on the horizon, and my work on staff was about to take up a good chunk of my time and energy outside of work.

After I recovered from the post-RuffleCon madness, the holidays were almost upon me and it seemed like in the blink of an eye Yule had passed. And here we are in January. What a long, strange trip it’s been!

I’m writing to all of you to announce that I’ll be starting up writing again – though perhaps not as ambitious as I once was. I’ll be aiming to put out content at least once a week. The focus of this blog will be shifting a bit more away from lolita and jfashion. It’s not that I don’t greatly enjoy both of those things, but there are so many other parts of life that I’d like to share with all of you!

In the time since we’ve last seen (read?) one another, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life and started on a lot of new adventures. All of which I’m eager to write about. I’ve taken up reading with a renewed enthusiasm, I’ve reintroduced myself to reading tarot cards and have just started my journey learning to read oracle cards, I’ve taken up yoga, candlemaking, and so many more hobbies. Best of all, I still get to dress wonderfully and share my passion for jfashion with some amazing friends.

So rather than leaving this blog to rust as I move on to greener pastures, I’ve decided to simply redirect our little wagon train to broaden our horizons.

Cheers to another year of writing!

Affectionately yours,


Lolita Blog Carnival – Plan Your Ideal Holiday Trip To Tokyo For Frills

Lolita Blog Carnival – 久しぶり!It’s been a while. This week’s prompt was too good to pass up, and I had a lot of fun fantasizing about my return trip to Japan. Two years ago, I spent 6 months working and studying in there. My first two months were in Kyoto working for the Kyoto Costume Institute as a curatorial assistant. It was an amazing internship experience and I learned a lot not only about curatorial work, but about various 19th and 20th century garments as well. Afterwards, I moved to Tokyo to study at Sophia University for a semester. I stayed with an amazing host family and lived out in Setagaya. As such, I had a really fabulous train pass that took me through Shibuya and Omotesando – both of which became two of my favorite places in Tokyo.

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Summer Garden Potluck

Long time, no see, dear readers! You have all been incredibly patient with my lack of posting over the past few weeks. Life became quite busy, and the minute I found myself taking time off of writing, the harder I found it to start back up again. With things settling down a touch I’ve finally gotten my thoughts together, my photos uploaded, and time to just sit and let my thoughts pour onto the page. I hope that this post won’t be too rusty, or disappoint too much, but I have to be honest and admit that it has been awhile since I last sat down to write something.

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